/krɪb / (say krib)

1. a child's bed, usually oval, and often of wickerwork, lined and decorated with muslin, etc.
2. a stall or pen for cattle.
3. a rack or manger for fodder, as in a stable or house for cattle.
4. a tableau of Mary, Joseph, and the others grouped round the holy crib in Bethlehem, often displayed at Christmas.
5. a small house.
6. NZ (South Island) a holiday shack. Compare bach (def. 2).
7. a small room.
8. any confined space.
9. (plural) Marblescribbing (def. 3).
10. a wicker basket.
11. (especially among miners, steelworkers, construction workers, etc.)
a. a bag, metal box, or other container used to carry one's lunch to work.
b. a packed lunch brought to work.
c. Also, crib break. the lunch break at work.
12. any of various frameworks, as of logs or timber, used in construction work.
13. the wooden lining on the inside of a mine shaft.
14. a bin for storing grain, etc.
15. Colloquial an instance of plagiarism.
a. a book which gives a summary of information, sometimes used as a study aid: she bought a crib on Jane Eyre the day before the literature exam.
b. a translation or other illicit aid used by students.
17. (in cribbage) a set of cards made up by equal contributions from each player's hand, and belonging to the dealer.
18. cribbage.
verb (cribbed, cribbing)
verb (t)
19. to confine in, or as in, a crib.
20. to provide with a crib or cribs.
21. to line with timber or planking.
22. Colloquial to steal or plagiarise (a piece of writing, etc.).
verb (i)
23. Colloquial to use a crib.
24. crib-bite.
25. Marblesphernudge.
{Middle English cribbe, Old English crib(b) manger, related to Old High German Krippa; compare German Krippe cot, creche, manger}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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